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Tips in Building Your Boat Dock

If you are a boat owner, then your boat has to dock somewhere. If you have a dock for your boat, you can also use it for get-togethers or fishing activities with your friends and family. If you are going to build your boat dock, make sure that you make a strong and stable dock that will not be easily affected by different weather conditions. Building a boat dock will give you a great place for gathering with your friends and family. Below are instructions on how to build a boat dock.

It is important to know how big you want your boat dock to be before building it. If you want to know how long the landing area should be, it has to depend on the depth of the water. If the water is deep, then you just need a short dock and the other way around for shallow waters. Your docking will be safe if you follow this rule.

Many docks extend 12 to 16 feet out over the water and has a width of 4 feet. Then there is a second section attach to the first which is larger and usually has an area of 12 square feet; this section is located in the open water. This section is larger and enables the movement of more groups of people preparing to board or disembark a boat o those hanging around the dock.

The first section measures 4 feet by 12 feet long. The material for constructing the frame of the first section has to be pressure treated lumber of 2″ x 6″ measuring 12 feet long. Then you need to screw down three of these pieces to one end of a fourth piece that is 4 feet wide. This process is repeated at the midsection and the remaining end of the longer boards before completing the frame. The floor boards for the second section can be screwed to this frame vertically to the longer boards below.

Since the second section has more loads over the larger area, is has to be constructed similar to the first section but it has to be stronger. Framing lumber is to lie parallel to one another with a distance of 16 inches apart. This will be similar to the first section in that the floor boards has to be attached vertically with the framing lumber as guide. Attaching the first and second sections together would need eye bolts and steel rods. With this, the seconds can easily be separated, and if the current is rough, it allows for free pivoting motion. You should securely attach your posts to the side of the dock as it will help the boats to be tied to them, and buoys have to be fastened on the sides for preventing the boat to scrape against the dock.

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