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Machine Intelligence

Technology mainly deals with application of scientific inventions in industries.It is a collection of skills and techniques that are modified to fasten achievements of objectives.Mainly technology is the application of science in solving problems.Technology is used daily in different settings.Communication has been widely developed by technology giving it advanced methods that enhance communication effectively.Advancement in technology has influenced greatly the inventions of complex machines that has allowed man to achieve great achievements within short time.

The advancement in technology has led to the development of artificial intelligence.Artificial intelligence emphasizes on creation of machines that have some human attributes and can react to some extent like humans.Machines are designed to replace humans in functionality.Mainly artificial intelligence deals with speech recognition and problem solving.This is done by making computers have the ability to learn and manipulate movements of objects.Machines are programmed to observe specific instruction and produce the desired results.

The mutuality between machine learning and artificial intelligence is primary.in machine learning you require prior knowledge in coding in order to program the machines to give the desired output.Despite machine learning been static it greatly contributes to the creation of artificial intelligence.Injecting the right information to machines results into good function ability.Combining the two has influenced developments of complicated machines that enable man to make significant advancement in many sectors of life.Machines that have been developed have the capacity to perform the same functions as humans.

The benefits of artificial intelligence are vast in all settings since the main aim of creating intelligent machines is to make work easier for man.It has improved accuracy leading to advanced degree of precisions.Extraction of information has been made easier by use of robots which can access hostile environments.This minimizes the possibilities of dealing with presumed information.The extraction of information has been made easier by use of data mining techniques that allow programming of machines.Robots have made it possible for man to access dangerous zones.

Digitalization has been greatly affected.Through the GPS location system one can establish their current position and find possible roots to desired destinations.Through digital assistant decision making has been made easier.Inventions in the field of medicine has led to significant achievements.Organs in the body can be substituted by machines.The machines do not experience breakdown often and hence repeat the same function without tiring out.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence are as follows.It has majorly contributed to unemployment.Humans only work for specific period of time before tiring out unlike machines which can entirely work without wearing out.Secondly the machines do not gain experience like humans hence require constant replacements which are costly.This makes it costly to maintain the machines.Lastly the machines are not capable of handling unfamiliar situations making them prone to breakdown.It is evident that artificial intelligence has its merits and demerits.
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