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International Granite and Stone: Facts and Benefits of Granite Countertops

There are a wide arrays of materials used to make countertops such as slate, marble, quartz, and granite, but granite is still the top choice because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. Because of the heat-resistant qualities of granite, it is unlikely to blister, chip or scratch. As compared to marble, laminate, and synthetic, granite is still more superior because of its dimensional quality and luminosity. Granite is made up of mineral crystals that interlock like quartz and feldspar. There are other minerals included that make each granite piece unique, and the light gray veins are quartz, and feldspar refers to a white mineral that you usually see in granite.

Granite is made by drilling, chiseling, and blasting out of quarries in large blocks, they are cut into workable slabs with the use of special milling machines. When it comes to granite countertops, they are constructed using special tools, so they are customized, and professionally installed. Granite is also available in edged and precut. Granite is a natural stone material that makes a gorgeous kitchen countertop with its beautiful swirls and speckled variants of all kinds. Choose from hundreds of colors to show your own personal style. When it comes to the most popular granite countertop colors include tan brown, New Venetian gold, Black Pearl, Santa Cecilia, and Uba Tupa. Darker browns are paired with white cabinets, and there are also warmer browns and cooler grays for a neutral tome to match traditional and contemporary kitchen styles. The New Venetian Gold’s metallic flecks add modern flare and shine to any kitchen design, and it is one of the most favorite granite colors due to its lighter neutral color is suited for dark and light cabinets.

The Santa Cecelia color is pretty much like the New Venetian Gold, which is lighter and with a lot of movement. The Santa Cecelia granite color is perfect for fickle homeowners because of more brown variants within the granite, and it can be paired with any cabinet color with natural movement. The Uba Tuba is a refined color, instilling visions of blue and green, dark black base, and with rich purple, gray, and gold variants. The Uba Tuba granite color has a bold move, making it a great focal point for any kitchen. Unlike the Uba Tuba and tan brown, the Black Pearl granite color has more speckled variants than swirls or patches with iridescent and bright flecks for some serious sparkle.

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