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Factors to Consider When Designing a Window Well

Man is different from other creatures because he has the ability to make decent housing for himself. One shortcoming, however, has been finding enough space in the homes we live in. To try and curb this shortage of space, man has been involved in all renovation and house designs. Turning of the home’s basements into a habitable space is among the most common methods that have been used to create extra living space. Compared to the construction of a new extra room, basement renovation is very cheap.

A normal house basement will be dark, cold and below the ground level making them not the ideal living area. Man, however, has been forced to make basements into living rooms owing to the growing need for living space. One way of achieving this is through the construction of window wells. A structure made in the likeness of a well outside basement windows is called a window well. If your house has a basement, here are a few things you need to know before constructing a window well.

According to the building codes, window wells must be constructed due to rise of risks and dangers such as burglary, fires and natural disasters like earthquakes. It has, therefore, become compulsory to have window wells on your basement windows. The first thing you, therefore, need to consider is safety. The ease of exit is one thing you need to ensure on your window wells. This may be by inclusion of walking stairs or have it constructed at an inclining angle. Always remember to have the safety of the window well users in mind when making one.

Lighting and beauty is another thing you have to get from your window well. For this reason, many window wells will be made from shiny materials or painted in bright colors. To add beauty, you may also include decorations on the window wells. The distance of the well from the window is something else that may also affect the amount of light to your basement. Little light will be allowed to the window if your window well is very close to the window and vice versa.

Drainage is the last but very important aspect of your window well you need to consider. Poor construction of a window well may make it become a water reservoir owing to the fact that it is found below the level of the ground. To avoid an issue like flooding therefore from window wells, one may be required to prepare first a route for the water to escape. Constructing the window well base to accommodate for rapid sipping of the water to the ground by the use of trances is one of the things that one may do to prevent flooding.

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